Waddup, homedogs and homebidges. We're strapping in for another gritty-urban afternoon with your host with the most, T.A.N. .This weekend: The Roots, Asher Roth discourse, and poignant photos from Spanish Harlem. Maybe more!

So coming up in 15 minutes, we're going to talk White Rapper 3: The Chronicles of Asher Roth, the melanin-challenged eminem-inflected emcee who released his album this Monday (4/20). He's got the pop MTV and EW buzz behind him, and Eminem has grasped for his brother's hand in solidarity (making them the Martin & Malcolm of white-rappers, I s'pose?), but I have Tom Breihan (Pitchfork), Touré (Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast), and Byron Crawford (XXL) weighing in on the merits (or lackthereof) of the album and related media narrative.

Then I want to try something different with this Roots clip we have. Make it like an open caption, but with video or something. And we might give stuff away! If you're into that. Are you? Well stay tuned, and we'll figure it out then.

Also: Yesterday I took a trip to Spanish Harlem (SpaHa, stand up!) with celebrity photog Diana Levine; it was sort of a Ghetto Pass Illustrated treasure hunt for pictorial gold. You can let us know if we found any.

Finally, did you know next month (May) is Black History Month? There's a manifesto and everything! Stay tuned and we'll get you up to speed.