It's happened to all of us without exception: we are watching amateur pornography online and we then wonder if there is an inspired way to make it even creepier. Photo Tumblr Heavypetting loudly answers "Yes."

The idea is simple: video screen captures of those tender moments during self-filmed coitus when a curious pet wanders into the frame and stares vacantly into the middle distance. "Why are daddies fighting?" it might wonder if it could wonder. And because showing the sex explicitly might offend some visitors (SQUARES), the site smartly colors in the lovers, bringing to mind the Hiroshima silhouettes if instead of huddling and wondering what that whistling noise was the bomb victims had been blowing each other on chaises. It also makes the site Safe For Work, assuming your work has a very lax "shuddering" policy.

This site is hilarious and I imagine we'll be seeing the book version in the checkout line of drugstores the world round in 8-12 months.

[via fourfour]