Priyantha Silva is a notorious Manhattan party crasher known for posing as an editor or producer to worm his way into events and "charm" the ladies. Don't look now; he's still hovering right behind you:

A tipster tells us Priyantha is still using the fake movie heavyweight hustle to score big time!

With everyone worried about where in the world the Hipster Grifter could be, we are forgetting about our beloved con-man from days of yore. I was The Beautiful Promise charity auction last night at the Westside Loft. While my friend and I were giggling at the idea of signing Heather Mills name up for a bid on a Stella McCartney bag, this tiny sweaty hand with a wine glass reached in between the two of us to cheers.

Before I could figure out what was happening I heard the word "enchate" (it sounded more like he said "Ashanti") and my hand was traveling up towards his thinly pursed lips. I immediately recognized him as Priyantha Silva in an ascot and was frozen with amazement. He began to drunkenly talk to us about how he was a big time movie producer and was leaving this event to attend 3 tribeca film festival parties. We were invited and sadly had to decline. He said to me "I saw you outside and I just knew you would be coming to this event, there was something about you that told me you belonged here". Maybe it was due to the fact that I was standing outside the door to the event for 20 min waiting for my friend that he cunningly figured it all out.

He then launched into a whole monologue about "film and fashion are very similar, fashion is like film and film is like fashion. You can't have a movie without fashion....blah blah blah" at that point we were able to excuse ourselves and get away. About an hour after our attack he was seen trying to hit on my friend's mother explaning how he had just won 3 Oscars (we think he's trying to ride the Slum Dog wave) she rejected his advances and he lurched away never to be seen again for the rest of the night.

If you encounter this man, don't just allow yourself to be seduced by his magic; email us, first.