Moby took a pathetic fall while boxing and Susan Boyle was dissed by snotty book publishers. But Matthew Broderick can take pride in impregnating a woman other than his wife. Just this once.

  • In addition to their son, 6, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker will by this summer have twin girls. Through a surrogate. Who had better not be a redhead in her mid-20s, because no one will buy that
  • Susan Boyle is shopping a "tell-all" book proposal. Book people are all, "eh, we kind of know it 'all' already, right?" [P6]
  • Mel Gibson's official new ladyfriend Oksana Grigorieva is the sort of composer who promotes her music by posing in lingerie on top of a piano. [Sun]
  • TMZ swears this is a picture of Tupac Shakur, alive in New Orleans last weekend. Because Shakur would totally go to the trouble of faking his death, then neglect to remove his nose ring, shave his goatee or grow some hair on his head. [TMZ]
  • Moby broke his ankle just walking into the kick-boxing ring. That's what you call one of those Renaissance Men. [P6]
  • If Britney Spears wants to communicate with her ex-manager/boyfriend Sam Lutfi, she'll have to continue to do so via illicit spy decoder ring transactions in hotel saunas, because a judge just extended Lutfi's restraining order to three years.