After we ran a new sighting of (we thought) dormant con man/ party crasher Priyantha Silva, the tips poured in! He's still out and impersonating Hollywood people and creeping out women, as usual:

Caption for this photo: "here he is creeping out some ladies at cosmo's bachelor party in the fall. i have no idea how he got in. i had met him at a michael phelps-hosted event at bowlmor a couple weeks before that, and he said he worked for diesel. i knew this information would come in handy someday!" Yes it did, tipster, thank you! Now for a new sighting:

He was at the Tribeca All Access Party attended by such film luminaries as Robert DeNiro, Sanaa Lathan, and Viola Davis on Friday. He was standing at the bar right next to me and was drunk as a skunk and abusively demanding faster service from the female bartender! It is really pathetic that these type of lowlifes are allowed into parties and especially allowed to get loud and obnoxious. When I said something to security about him, they didn't do anything and I felt that they really needed to be fired. But later when I was leaving I saw him being searched by the NYPD! So something must have gone down with him that night.

That seems to be his usual thing:

I went to a charity bowling game & wine sale maybe a month ago, and he was circulating, totally drunk, shirt unbuttoned to there, white linen jacket (despite the cold weather). When I recognized him, I told the friends I was with, who were all entertained by his Gawker-publicized saga. Out of curiosity, I asked the door ladies who he'd checked in as, and he'd somehow gotten on the guestlist as an ICM agent.

For my own amusement, I introduced myself and engaged him in conversation. He actually introduced himself as Priyantha, not the agent he'd arrived as, and then tried to tell me about all his fabulous stays at the Hotel du Cap (doubt it). For the rest of the night, because I'd been momentarily kind, he'd try to insert himself into every conversation I was in, every group, and he'd speak to people as if he & I were old friends. Creepy and sad.

Priyantha: if you'd like to speak out with your side of your story, email us.