Let's see, a technician working for one of the most powerful billionaires in India reports that somebody tried to sabotage the guy's helicopter to kill him, then the technician is mysteriously killed. Real, no movie:

The billionaire is Anil Ambani. That's extra-interesting, since Ambani is the guy who sued his own brother for $2 billion last year after he got offended by a profile in the New York Times (he and his brother have been locked in a vicious feud ever since they split up their dad's huge business empire—Anil took the sexy side, like entertainment and finance, while his brother took the more prosaic industrial side). He's also the Indian tycoon who's backing Steven Spielberg's movie studio, to the tune of $550 million.

And, he has the distinction of being named the dude who lost the most money of anyone anywhere last year ($32 billion). But he still has $12 billion! And a helicopter. Which somebody tried to sabotage by putting rocks in the rotor—but the sabotage was discovered by the hero technician!

Now that technician is dead. He was struck by a train Tuesday night.

Debate raged in India on Wednesday over whether Mr. Borge had committed suicide, had been pushed or was yet another accidental victim of the trains, which kill an average of 10 people a day.

There's no time to remark upon the insanity of that train-related death rate. Because the dead technician, Borge, died carrying a letter that "said he had been 'facing troubles' in recent days, his brother said, adding that 'something fishy' had been going on."

I'll say! Police immediately ruled out the corporate intrigue Ambani assassination angle, but, you know, the feud, the brother, the money... who knows. This whole thing is like a novel by the guy who wrote The Constant Gardener. We anxiously await the inevitable raft of movies.
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