It's Saturday morning and the coffee just kicked in. Hello and welcome to Gossip Roundup. Today, Valentino called Anna Wintour a dog, England called Susan Boyle pizza face and Scarlett Johanssen experienced rejection.

  • Despite appearing in a Woody Allen movie, Indie geisha Scarlett Johanssen is no actor/director. Her segment—it was in black and white, obvi!—in the upcoming film, "I love you, New York" was incredibad and edited out. [NYP]
  • Backhanded compliment from small plastic man, Valentino. to Anna Wintour, "The most fashionable of all — you cannot talk fashion without talking Anna Wintour," so said the orange fashion elf as he picked a pug dressed as Ms. Wintour to win some crummy contest. [NYP]
  • Backhanded compliment from small British elf baker to Susan Boyle. "This pizza looks like your face." [Epicurious]
  • Incredibly misleading headline: Anne Hathaway pulls off a super-short skirt. "Pulls off," in this case, unfortunately doesn't mean to remove but rather to wear successfully. Cruel ambiguity.
  • Nate Lowman artist/person. He gets a point for mocking Liz Grubman in a cynical piece at MoMA about celebrity. He misses a point by dating Mary Kate Olsen. Grubman tells Page Six, "I don't understand how a picture of me during a tragic time in my life can be considered art." Tell that to this guy! [NYP]