OK! Magazine is not doing so hot. On Friday, a consultant demanded staffers complete a ridiculous evaluation prior to their Tuesday appointment with Dr. Pink Slip. But have they done so?

The answer is a confusing maybe. Jennifer Birn, OK!'s society editor has a blog on okmagazine.com called "Simply Jen." Though one would think Ms. Birn would be spending this weekend either justifying her paycheck OR filing some serious celebrity news, in fact, Ms. Birn isn't doing that at all. She's preparing for a 10k run and getting wasted.

Forewith, yesterday's blog post entitled, "Friday, Two Days Till [sic] Race" in its entirety. Celebrities she saw are in red. Celebrities she didn't see are in blue. Drinks she consumed are in green. Reasons why she should keep her job are in purple. Reasons why she shouldn't are in black.

Thursday my friend told me she was running a 10K Sunday. I don't know why, but for some reason offering to join her sounded like a good idea at the time. A recreational neighborhood jogger, this will be my first 10K, and the actual race may be my second time running that distance ever!

Committing so close to race day didn't give me much time ‘to train.' Friday, the first day after I made the commitment, my friend Ali C. came to town to visit from NYC. She was only on the ground a few hours before I took her to view the gorgeous scenery in Santa Monica – running the Santa Monica stairs (a favorite of John Mayer and Matthew McConaughey). After getting a couple of miles in we cleaned up and went for a healthy meal at my Yatai, my favorite sushi place (a low-key restaurant where stars like Justin Timblerlake and Jessica Beil often sneak in nearly unnoticed). I had a lychee martini. And a glass of sake. Afterwards I planned to go home to rest up for training Saturday and race day Sunday. Instead, ten minutes after I got home from dinner my friend Joyce convinced me (it didn't take much) to join her at Brett Gursky and Adam Franklin's party at Coco de Ville where her friend Brian Drolet was celebrating his new MTV show.

One patron on the rocks, two glasses of champagne and the promise of Lakers playoff tickets later, I rolled back home at 2am.

Today I went to the local high school's track and got in 4.2 miles in preparation for the 6.2 I'm running at 8am. It wasn't terribly difficult, despite going out late last night – so leaning towards venturing out to the pre-opening party at Katie and Ki-Moon's hot new spot Jane's House tonight, just for a bit, before trying to get a few hours sleep in before race time ;) xo

Well, Ms. Birn will have plenty of time to recreationally jog and drink lychee martinis after Tuesday we bet!