In your cloudy Monday media column: Rumors of woman-centric layoffs at Men's Journal, Warren Buffett gives up on newspapers, Newsweek goes through "the change," job moves galore, and more!:

Warren Buffett: "For most newspapers in the United states, we would not buy them at any price... They have the possibility of going to just unending losses." America's greatest investor, ladies and gentlemen.

According to a tipster, Wenner Media's Men's Journal laid off five people on Friday, and they were all women. COINCIDENCE? If you have any details, confirmations, or denials on this, email us.

The New York Times is expected to raise its price as early as this week: up to $2 on weekdays and Saturdays, and $6 on Sundays. The paper is working hard to drive off its uncommitted readers and get down to its "core audience" of a few thousand very rich people on the Upper East Side. Then you build from there, see.

Veteran WSJ reporter John Wilke died last Friday at the age of 54. In his obit, the paper says:

He mentored many younger reporters. At his desk, he often juggled two calls at once, and he furtively guarded his stories — until he believed them ready for publication — from the prying eyes of editors.

He wrote and rewrote the leads of his articles, sometimes dozens of times, until he was happy with the tone and content,and he nursed story ideas for weeks or months, cultivating a slight air of mystery, while gathering threads.

All things that, at today's WSJ, would probably get him canned.

Former Portfolio publisher William Li has landed a new job as associate publisher of Conde Nast Traveler. Good for him. In other interesting contractual news: Us Weekly editor Janice Min's two-year contract—estimated to be worth well over $2 million—is up this summer. Interesting to see how much less she gets this time around if she re-ups. Times are tough.

Run out and scoop up as many copies of this week's Newsweek as possible, because it's the last one in its old format before the redesign comes along later this month. Also Anna Quindlen is giving up her column there. I will notify my mom, the only person I can think of who still reads Newsweek.