Will Barack Obama appoint Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court?

No. He won't. That wouldn't make any sense. Maybe if he hadn't already made her Secretary of State? And even then, probably not.

But we are forced to ask because of an off-hand comment from Arlen Specter (he was busy with the quotes this weekend!) about how he'd like "a stateswoman" to be appointed, and because Pat Leahy wants someone with "real-life experience," which clearly means someone who's been in the partisan political arena since 1974. Leahy and Specter are not really dudes known for speaking for the Obama administration.

It should also be noted that Hillary is 61, even older than current too-old favorite Sonia Sotomayor.

So, to sum up, this Daily News story is about as accurate as their front-page assertion today that "X-Men Rules."