So Glenn Beck has agreed to write books for children and teenagers. We almost missed that when reading about the Fox Newser's book deal today. We almost weren't terrified.

Beck was already a popular author before his Fox gig boosted his fame, having published two nonfiction books and a novel, all with Simon & Schuster, and all bestsellers, topping out at 775,000 copies for the fiction, The Christmas Sweater.

The ascendant shouting head's new "multi-book" deal must be worth a bundle. No one has yet affixed a price tag to it, but the Wall Street Journal notes Beck is accepting a lower advance in exchange for a full 15 percent royalty on hardcovers and 7-10 percent on paperbacks.


The evening anchor will somehow find time to write three new titles this year, including audio- and e-books, most of them predictably radical-right-wing titles like America's March to Socialism.

But Beck, not known for his emotional stability, will also be reaching out to children. In the fall comes his "picture book" for children (based on Sweater), followed at some point by "young adult" literature, aka stories for teens.

Between the books, the Fox show and his next comedy tour (sure to be huge with your religious-right college kids), Beck is building a collection of media designed to take conservatives from cradle to grave. He should hope his benefactors at News Corporation don't get too jealous.