Kari Ferrell Living Like a Real Criminal

Here, it's Kari "Hipster Grifter" Ferrell's mug shot from Philadelphia, where she turned herself in. Yep. You know what she looks like. Also they gave her the bail of a stone cold criminal!

Bail has been set at a quarter million dollars for a woman dubbed the "Hipster Grifter" and wanted in Salt Lake City for stealing at least $60,000...

Her bail was set at a hearing last night and she can be released by posting 10 percent of it, or $25,000. She has an extradition hearing set for May 15, according to court records.

So she's chilling in Philly lockup for ten more days unless she comes up with $25K, once again raising the question, "Why did she, or anyone, go to Philly?"

[Philly.com; Pic via]