Michael Wolff Does Not Like David Carr, or His Book Reviews

Professional media beef-starter Michael Wolff is starting another beef! It's just what he does. Today's target: NYT media columnist David Carr, who Wolff says "I've never personally liked very much." We know why, Michael!

Michael Wolff Does Not Like David Carr, or His Book Reviews

Michael Wolff is sort of a full-time dick, but you do have to marvel at his businesslike way of tossing out insults. Count em:


David Carr, who writes about the media for the New York Times, and who I've never personally liked very much (we were colleagues at New York magazine, where he would stand too close and bray rhetorical statements and open-ended questions)...

It's always been amazing to me how little Carr knows about business. I couldn't say if it has to do with his schooling or his own intellectual limitations, but the guy is really quite a nitwit...

Almost all business reporters at all newspapers (and, likely, all reporters on all subjects) seem often to be semi-retarded (Carr is by no means the biggest dope on the Times' business desk; and his colleagues at the Globe barely make the effort to publish a sentient business page)...

Ha, whoa now! "Semi-retarded," "nitwit." We sense a bit of personal bile. Wolff's piece is nominally about a column that Carr wrote, but really it's his revenge against Carr for panning Wolff's biography of Rupert Murdoch in the NYT Book Review. Hey Mike, when you make it this obvious, it doesn't really work. News Corp's methods are rubbing off on you.