A Michael Bloomberg appointee wrote one little essay for the Huffington Post about how Beverly Hills Chihuahua was the only good thing about dirty-ass Mexico, and now she's been forced to resign. Fuckin' Mexicans, amirite?

Betsy Perry is a "strategic marketing and branding consultant" and goes a long way towards proving that everyone with that title is a fraud. She resigned from the New York City Commission on Women's Issues this week—just in time for Cinco de Mayo!—because Mexicans, in addition to being flu-ridden, are apparently too sensitive for a little joshing:

Used to be the worst thing about visiting Mexico was drinking the water or tickling an ice cube in your margarita; it was guaranteed regardless of safety measures that within hours you would be physically attached to the "commode." Warned against eating anything that might have been touched by the Mexican help with hands washed in parasite infested tap water, you'd live on guacamole and Doritos even at the finest hotels.

That's just the first paragraph! Anyhow Betsy's not working for you, the Women of New York, any more, thanks to Mexican sensitivity. Shame—tacos of shame.