Bernie Madoff was "irresistible to women." Really? Yes, his secretary says! See Bernie: you were mean to your secretary and now she's telling Vanity Fair all about your happy ending(?) massages. Always happens.

Bernie was irresistible to women" and "had a roving eye." Squillari once caught him perusing the escort ads in the back of a magazine, and he frequently visited massage parlors. "Once, I looked in his address book and found, under M, about a dozen phone numbers for his masseuses. ‘If you ever lose your address book and somebody finds it, they're going to think you're a pervert,' I said."

She also says he was a jerk, occasionally tried to slap her ass, and had a bunch of relatively ignorant, low-paid employees working on the Ponzi Scheme floor. Pretty much just what you would expect. Bernie's wife is kind of hardcore, though:

However, "if Bernie said something to Ruth that annoyed her, she'd say, ‘Go fuck yourself,' or ‘I don't give a shit.' That's the way they talked to each other."

Right on, Ruth! May you lose every penny you have. Here's a dramatic video of Eleanor Squillari's revelations. The lesson is, after 25 years, your time will finally come to talk shit about your stupid boss, to a national magazine. Just bide your time.