Mort Zuckerman thinks letting newspapers run bingo games will save journalism. Let's see if his own newspaper is competent enough to run promotional games!

Zuckerman told New York that the solution to the Great Newspaper Die-Off is bingo, which works in England: "Just make bingo legal on our websites.... The newspapers in England are supported almost exclusively by the profitability of running bingo games on their websites. It attracts an enormous audience. But here, you're not allowed to do it.... The Sun makes millions of dollars off of their bingo games."

What would happen if Zuckerman's Daily News were to start a bingo game? It would almost certainly screw it up royally, just like it did with it's promotional Scratch 'n' Match game in 1999, when a "production error" caused thousands of games to produce winning $100,000 matches. Or maybe it would screw it up royally like it did in 2005, when a "clerical error" did exactly the same thing.

Maybe Zuckerman should start with simpler math problems before moving up the big time.