No one knows when Project Runway starts again (June? 2012?) or where it will be (something called "Lifetime"), but Bravo has kindly given us a knockoff, airing tonight.

It is called, creatively, The Fashion Show, because Harvey Weinstein probably owns the titles Project Catwalk and Top Clothes-Makin' Person. It is about a bunch of contestants who make clothes, and they are challenged to make clothes, and they are all eliminated after these challenges based on the decisions of some judges. Do you follow?

So, so far, it seems like a carbon copy of our beloved Project Runway and therefore perfectly suitable viewing for after The Office, 30 Rock,, and 24, one or two of which you'll have to Tivo or watch on Hulu tomorrow.

But there are problems! Here is problem number one: Host Isaac Mizrahi will probably be catty and funny, but he is not the adorable and perfect Tim Gunn. And co-host Kelly Rowland is probably not as loopy and hilarious as Heidi Klum. AND: the hosts are judges too? This isn't Top Chef! This is Top Pussy!

And the worst addition: voting. Ugh. Public voting selected one of the contestants and will decide the eventual winner! We are all well-versed in the dangers of public voting, Bravo. Do you seriously want the fashion equivalent of a Danny fucking Gokey making it anywhere near the finale? Do you want this at Fashion Week or wherever the hell your winner goes? The public does not have the right to choose our next fashion superstar! We can let them weigh in on the unimportant shit, like "Fan Favorite" and "Congressmen."

Anyway according to Allessandra Stanley, who is 75% less always-wrong than she used to be, this show is much bitchier and meaner than PR, despite the new trend of people being nice and polite. But: Tresemme is still here for us!

Actually who the fuck are we kidding we will watch this, until and unless Project Runway ends up being on at the same time, or sucking this year, due to LA and Lifetime. And frankly the last season did kind of suck already, who remembers anything about it now besides the time Kenley threw a cat at someone?