Meghan McCain breaking news: "The first time I ever heard about oral sex was during the Lewinsky scandal." Hah, dad really didn't spend much time at home with the kids, right?

Also, hey, guess who doesn't understand any of the politics of the things she is writing about? Meghan McCain, that's who!

In 2000, a reporter asked John McCain what he'd do if his daughter got pregnant. He said he would allow her to make her own choice. That is called being pro-choice. Meghan McCain admires her dad for his courage to be pro-choice despite his party's position on the matter.


But seriously, here was a father, delicately navigating a question about his teenage daughter and being true to the kind of father he had always been, and the Republican Party was outraged. It didn't matter that my parents raised me to know that, regardless of the mistakes I might make, they would allow me the dignity and courage to make my own choices. That's the kind of trust my parents have always placed in their children-yet the GOP still needed to get involved and have a say in what I did with my body.

Here's what I've never understood about the party: its resistance to discussing better access to birth control. As a Republican, I am pro-life.

Wait, what? You're... but... you just said... GODDAMMIT MEGHAN READ A BOOK.