This Kirsten Gillibrand lady, who became a Senator from New York because Paterson wanted upstate support? She is a wiley one.

Chuck Schumer is terribly powerful, and he ran the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for two successful cycles. The DSCC decides where the money goes for Senate campaigns. If they don't think you're serious, you are on your own.

So Gillibrand, the Conservative gun-lovin' new New York Senator, has spent all of her time in the Senate flattering the hell out of Schumer. And he is an easily-flattered man.

Mr. Schumer has praised Ms. Gillibrand as a political "natural." But his intervention on her behalf appears to be driven by more than just admiration.

Longtime advisers to Mr. Schumer said that he likes the fact that Ms. Gillibrand has been deferential to him and is open to his guidance, while Mrs. Clinton pursued her own path.

So! This certainly sucks for the various Democrats who wanted to run against Kirsten in the primaries! Because now Chuck says there won't even be any!

The same cannot be said of Illinois' heroic Senator Roland Burris, who has raised no money, and who is not well-liked by current DSCC head Bob Menendez.