Just want to go viral so bad, y'know? Not sure what 2 do. Kind of feels like how ducks have a lot of vijay-jays to confuse duck-rapists. Think the game is more mental than physical.

Yall. Sersly just kind of wish all the popular memes were started by me. Like the hipster grifter, and this is why you're fat, and lolwhatever, like what if you I unveiled that I did all those things. And I was Dooce. And I'm blak. You would totally friend me on f-book, I know it.

N e ways, just feel peeps are always treating blak like a brand, or sub-brand. Like blak peeps are a french horn and white people are acoustic guitars. They're both instruments, yall. Depends on how you play it.

Don't want to make this post all entry-level black and uncomfortable. Like when u make jokes about not getting a cab even though they pick up every1 now. Just think there's a lot of blogs and pundits and smart people out there and we could figure it out if we focused.

Maybe I should live my life in Red HD, like Nyle. That camera makes every1 look good!


This was sort of a trying weekend. I had Sasha Grey lined up. Then I had these hipster dewds, which is why I was talking hipster kewl; wanted them 2 feel comfy yall. But didn't come together as planned, and alas the weekend, for WTAN, has come to an end.

We should have Sasha next week though. Unless she fucks me. Sorry, had to do it. No, I'm pretty sure she won't. (again!) She's at Exxxotica, I'm told. But here's some of my questions as a teaser. I have more, but feel free to add yours in the comments and maybe we'll get them in for next weekend.

Have a good one, yall!


1. Do you think you can be seduced via email interview?

2. I haven't seen any of your movies (Really! Well, except for The Girlfriend Experience which I saw last night.) What am I — and others out there — missing from the purely visceral porn side of your oeuvre? Do you consider yourself as having an "oeuvre"?

3. Everyone talks about how smart you are. It sort of feels like when Obama/Black people are celebrated for being "clean and articulate". Are porn stars by and large idiots or something? Do you think your intelligence would stand out in other fields/careers as much?

4. Are you familiar with the 10,000 hours theory, via Malcolm Gladwell and others? It suggests that masters/geniuses of their craft become so by somehow, someway diligently working at their craft for 10,000 hours. Do you think you've hit the 10,000 hours mark for fucking? Are you a "fucking genius"? Are there masters of porn/geniuses of the craft of sex? Sexual outliers. If one fucks for 10,000 hours will one be a genius? How do we identify the geniuses?


Back to you, Fek. Holla if you need me.

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