A Louisiana woman is suing Wal-Mart over an incident where a nutria, affectionately named "Norman" by store employees, "came from behind the Coke rack" and scared the shit out of her.

As first reported by the Abbeville Meridional...

According to the lawsuit, Rebecca (White) was in the grocery aisle shopping on Oct. 11, 2008. Her basket was full of food when suddenly and without warning, a large nutria came from behind the Coke rack and ran straight towards Rebecca, the lawsuit said.

Rebecca, fearing for her safety, pulled the shopping cart towards her to protect her from the nutria and as she did, the cart rolled over her left foot causing her to stumble and causing her to suffer an injury.
Wal-Mart's employees came to assist her and told Rebecca that, "she had an encounter with Norman" a name the employees had given the nutria, the lawsuit stated.

A more recent story by the ABA details the extent of Rebecca White's injuries...

Fearful of her safety from what appeared to be a large rat, White says she yanked her shopping cart back and ran over her own foot, breaking several bones and damaging nerves. The injuries required surgery.

Now, I couldn't let this first night doing Gawker late nights go by without posting this story. The nutria have been a nuisance in for years back home in Louisiana, and now they've even migrated up to Jersey and are causing all sorts of panic there as well. These nutria must be stopped, dammit! Do something Obama!

Things got so bad a few years ago that the state of Louisiana set aside money in its budget for nutria culinary research, hoping that the invention of some dish, Blackened Nutria perhaps, would spark a demand for nutria meat, thus helping the state end its chronic nutria overpopulation problem, as this New York Times story from 1997 details. That effort failed. Miserably. And yes, I have tasted nutria, and no, it doesn't taste like chicken, so there. And this hilarious "How to Cook a Nutria" instructional video was a small part of that terribly misguided governmental effort. Enjoy.

Nutria photo via Red Star's Flickr.