Raed Jarrar just toured Americaland, where he stopped off in Alaska to visit with Sarah Palin. His impressions? He said that her voice was very "annoying in person". Yep, that sounds about right!

Jarrar, an Iraqi architect who chronicled the U.S. invasion of his country on his blog, is out promoting a book comprised of posts from his aforementioned blog, The Iraq War Blog, An Iraqi Family's Inside View of the First Year of the Occupation. He made mention of the meeting with Palin today, but didn't get into the specifics of what they discussed, though it really doesn't take much straining of the imagination to get a good sense of what probably took place.

One can easily see Jarrar walking into to Palin's office, being greeted by some folksy aide, one who probably got the job because she funneled beers with Sarah on the Alaskan tundra back in high school, being led into an office featuring a dead bear draped over a sofa (dead bears really do tie rooms together, you know?!), a dead bear that Sarah probably killed all by her own rootin'-tootin ' self with the shiny new "all-white assault weapon" recently gifted to her by the NRA, a dead bear she killed for having the audacity to shit in her precious Alaskan woods, directly on top of a spot the kindly folks at Exxon told Sarah that they wanted to drill for oil on no less, good ole Alaskan oil, much better than than weak-ass Iraqi shit you see, because Alaskan oil comes from God's bowel movements and can convert people out of faggotism and make your dick hard and heal leprosy and such.

Sarah, like a true evangelical Christian, then probably couldn't help herself from trying to convert the Godless Iraqi goat-fucker standing before her into a life of JESUS worshippin'. I imagine she explained to Jarrar in great detail how JESUS was the only way to true salvation, and how if he only accepted him into his life as his lord and savior Raed Jarrar could carry out all the ignorance and biggotry that his precious little Iraqi heart desired, because by accepting JESUS into your life all of those sorts of things are accepted in the United States (and really, does anything else really matter?), as long as you go to church every Sunday and throw a few bucks into the collection plate and eat fried chicken at the weekly bingo and vote Republican like a good Goddamn American, unlike the ignorance and biggotry perpetrated by those silly Muslim and Islamic folks. Everybody knows that that shit they believe is just plain silly, and if they only had the good sense to love Jesus they never would've had their stupid fucking country invaded in the first place. Everybody knows that.

Sarah probably also spent some time explaining to Jarrar how fucking outside of a relationship sanctioned by the state is a really bad thing, something that could lead to horrible, HORRIBLE blessings like what happened to poor ole Bristol, who now has learned the lesson of her ways and is relegated to gettin' finger-banged in the extended cab of a Ford F-350 back behind the Wasilla Sports Complex. Then, in her very next breath, it's likely that Sarah launched into a Herculean bloviation about how much she just hates government intrusion into the private lives of its citizens, about how such nonsense is nothing more than COMMUNISM, all the while completely oblivious to hypocrisy and contradictions laden within those statements, just like so many of the other things she claims to believe.

So yeah, it's easy to see how Raed Jarrar could find Sarah Palin very fucking annoying.