Cocaine Going to Hell Like Everything Else

The recession wants you to stop doing coke, Sniffy Smith. In Europe, at least, coke prices are up, purity is down, and you've spent half your paycheck on a bag that's 91% "pet worming powder."

According to new figures from a UK police group which you should believe as much as you believe police groups, Brits are paying more than ever, for crap:

Prices per kilo have risen from £39,000 in 2008 to over £45,000 (50,000 euros), but street prices have remained stable.

However, new figures obtained by the BBC suggest almost a third of police seizures are now less than 9% pure, the lowest recorded purity level.

Investing in coke and wasting 90 cents on the dollar on baking soda is even worse than finance stocks.