In your countercultural Tuesday media column: Gay porn mags fold en masse, Chevron is evil as usual, Slate deems women capable of running their very own blog, and prison radio kicks ass:

Goodbye Playguy, Adios Honcho

The Great Magazine Die-Off hits the gay porn world: Mavety Media Group is mass-folding Playguy, Torso, Honcho, Inches, and the 34 year-old Mandate. RIP to the "After Hours Gym Fuck" issues. A good eulogy is here.

"Want to Make a Killing on Wall Street? Buy Newspaper Stocks." Is the headline of a story that's wrong.


Goodbye Playguy, Adios Honcho

Semi-late pass, but Chevron went and hired a former CNN correspondent named Gene Randall to make a fake news video telling its side of the story, about why it poisoned the rain forest, to offset a 60 Minutes report on the same subject. We haven't watched it but we're sure it's persuasive. In other news, Gene Randall is now disgraced.

Slate is spinning off its womanly XX Factor blog into a new site. JEZECOMPETITION.

Goodbye Playguy, Adios Honcho

Turns out that the best radio station in the UK is the one at Brixton prison. It only broadcasts to 800 inmates but it's up for as many awards as the BBC. Awesome.