Last night on tv's Dr House, MD, House finally slept with Cuddy!! But it turned out that he didn't. SPOILER ALERT: this made the internet, and Times critic Gina Bellafante, feel very :(

And so we got this admission of slash fantasies, printed in the pages of America's Paper of Record:

It is not merely the unrelenting push-pull of the show's writing, but the "His Girl Friday" chemistry between the actors Hugh Laurie (House) and Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) that inspires otherwise reasonable women to bizarre, time-consuming digressions of fantasy. By "otherwise reasonable women" I am not referring to the cohort of [YouTube fanfic montager] Duchesscloverlys but to the person typing these words on my laptop.

TMI, New York Times television critic Gina Bellafante! You should've let this guy (commenting on your subsequent blog post on last night's fan bait-and-switch) type these words on your laptop:

I didn't care about House & Cuddy.

I was more interested in the patient with dual personalities and all the discussion of left/right brain. The restaurant scene was great!

Actually, the show would be more interesting if House & Wilson were intimate.
- Paul

And thus, you need never again question the continuing popularity of tv's House: The Jerky Doctor Who Solves Mysteries.