Which is more unbearable: Tucker Max, or Ohio State University student group Womyn and Allies Rising in Resistance (WaARiR)? Finally, they've met in a death match so we can find out!

Tucker Max, filmmaker and asshole, was scheduled to speak at OSU last night. That's when WaARiR sprang into action! They decided to protest him, for fuck's sake, which just makes him feel more important.

Many protesters at the event held up signs with quotes from Max's Website, tuckermax.com. The excerpts included: "Really - consider my thought process. I was going to f—- her in the butt and film it without her consent."...

At one point during the event, a man with a whistle walked to the front of the stage and blew it in front of Max. The crowd chanted in response, "He's a virgin."

That was not directed at Tucker, btw. Hey kids, take it from us: fameballs with repressed sexual issues feed on attention. Just ignore him. We didn't, and look at our lives.
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