Madeline Stowe is back on the map, folks! So are Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto, noted comedians. Nicole Kidman is retreating into the shadows, and iCarly fans have emerged from them.

Remember Madeline Stowe? She used to do a bunch of movies a long old time ago, but she's mostly disappeared. Back in her heyday, she wrote a script called Unbound Captives, about Injuns and the Wild West, that was worth millions of dollars. But she never sold it, because she wanted to star. Well now the movie is finally happening and while she'll direct, Rachel Weisz will star. Alongside sparklevamp Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman. Good for you, Stowey. [Variety]

Noted hilarious people Monica Bellucci, Guy Pearce, and Miranda Otto, are going to be in a romantic comedy directed by Bruce Beresford. It's going to be a scream! [Variety]

Perhaps after seeing Whatever Works and thinking "Oh God...", Nicole Kidman has dropped out of Woody Allen's next movie. Probably a wise-ish move. [Variety]

Six and a half million people in America watched a one hour edition of iCarly, called "iDate a Bad Boy" (guest star Charlie Sheen). 6.5 million people. We're all old, America! [THR]

People are evidently watching that show Castle too. I guess Nathan Fillion's talents aren't being wasted! [THR]