Photographer Stephen Mallon had exclusive access to the salvage operation that pulled Sully-piloted US Airways Flight 1549 out of the Hudson River. Now that he's erased all "US Airways" logos, he can show his pictures!

Mallon got invited by the salvage company to be on board their barge while they hauled out the plane. But before his photos could hit the Big Time or whatever, US Airways and its insurer, AIG, demanded that he take them down! Bad publicity or something. Which is idiotic. Hey guys everybody already saw your PLANE IN THE RIVER. But Mallon agreed to airbrush out the US Airways logos and they let him put his photos back online, on the theory that Americans are stupid people with short memories, which is true. Anyhow Wired ran a bunch and they're good!

And look US Airways, we found one with your logo still on it. You are ruined.


[Stephen Mallon via Wired]