We live in a racist world, but the Delaware Department of Transportation is doing something about it: issuing a hilarious memo! Who wrote this, some "retard" "homo" "typical white person?" Below, the best idiot guidelines:

For LGBT Co-Workers:

I don't consider you gay.
This is insensitive.

Never call a coworker a "fag" or "homo."
This is derogatory, rude, and totally

For African-American Coworkers:

Should we order fried chicken or
watermelon for you?
This is stereotyping and shows ignorance.

For Asian Coworkers:

You must be the new IT person.
All Asians are not IT professionals.

Can you recommend a good Chinese
All Asians are not Chinese. Take some time
to study a world map. The world is made up
of continents with many countries, regions,
cultures, and sub-cultures.

For Older Coworkers:

You know Wal Mart is hiring.
This is not funny. An older employee has
experience you could benefit from.

For White Coworkers:

That's how a typical white person acts.
You are suggesting that all white people are
the same by putting them in the same
category. The behavior may have nothing to
do with the person's race. [Ed.: Many white people are assholes for other reasons than race!]

For Coworkers With Disabilities:

You don't need to date; your life will be
better without a woman/man causing you
Being disabled does not mean the person is
socially challenged.

For Hispanic/Latino Coworkers:

Can you help me out with my landscaping?
Why would you assume that all
Hispanics/Latinos are landscaping experts?

And there's so much more! Although no guidelines on Slut or Hick Coworkers.