Fiction author and former Gawker intern James Frey knows a scandalous secret about Oprah, allegedly. It's on tape, allegedly! We journalistically went to Frey's book reading last night to hear him tell the whole story:

As you'll recall, the new paperback version of Frey's Bright Shiny Morning has a new section on "SCANDAL," which he read last night at the Union Square Barnes&Noble. So he read all the uninteresting parts about various thinly veiled celebrities and then he read the interesting part about thinly veiled himself. Which includes a part where he says after being reamed out so terribly on Oprah's show, he taped all his calls, including one from the host herself, when she called to check up on him and have a heart-to-heart and in the process revealed some scandalous secret about herself.

Okay fine. When the Q&A section came, I asked him, do you think Oprah apologized to you recently because she fears the secret scandalous info you have on her, on tape? And he said, approximately, "Well, I never unequivocally said I have any tapes," which is patently false because I was sitting right there three minutes earlier when he had read the very detailed section from his book that is clearly about himself having tapes about Oprah. But hey maybe that was fictionalized, no names were named, WHATEVER.

Then he said, no, she apologized because she felt bad, and before anyone even read the section of the book where I talk about all the tapes that I have.

He wasn't about to say what, if anything, is on the tapes. So we'll chalk the whole thing up to a little PR push for his book (And a pretty good one!). Maybe he really has scandalous taped secrets. Maybe he has Oprah saying "Oops, I just farted." Maybe he has nothing. Maybe Nixon really had a secret plan to end the war. But show and prove, JF, or it didn't happen.