A while back, we mocked Jake "The Octogon" Tapper's habit of reproducing his exchanges with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on his blog with his own tough, no-nonsense questions in bold. He didn't like that!

But he was paying attention. We noticed yesterday that Tapper has altered the way he posts transcripts of the White House press briefings. He used to put his own questions in bold and render Gibbs' answers in italics, which we thought inverted, in terms of visual presentation, the relative weight that ought to be given to each—not to mention encapsulasted a certain self-regard that we and others had noticed in Tapper's professional style.

But now he's putting Gibbs' answers in bold and his own queries in italics. Did he judiciously consider the issues raised by our post and, with grace and humility, re-examine his own practices with our critique in mind? We'll say yes, just for kicks.