Yesterday we learned that Marty Scorsese is directing a Frank Sinatra biopic and all of New Jersey fell over dead with joy. Today we wonder: Who's gonna be in the damn thing?

The good people over at Vulture (butNikki Finke told us first!!!!) tell us that Universal wants to cast Johnny Depp, though Scorsese would rather go with his beautiful blonde boyfriend who he kisses all the time, Leonardo DiCaprio. If this is an origin story, though, then isn't Depp a little too old?

Meanwhile the Observer suggests four actors: James Franco, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Simon Baker, and Jon Hamm. Any of those could work, we guess, though probably the best course of action is to find some unknown, like from the world of theater or something. The actor doesn't have to sing—Universal got the song rights and will use the original tracks in the film—but he does have to look like he knows how to perform on a musical stage.

But, all things considered, we think it should go to the reigning king of music biopics. Jamie Foxx, whaddaya say?

Who do you think would be good?