, a web site devoted to debunking lie-detectors as junk science, has busted a Seattle DEA agent for, um, lying by posting rather odd sockpuppet messages to the site's message board.

According to the site's proprietor George Maschke, DEA Special Agent Shawn Hacking has been posting what he regards as "abusive comments" in defense of polygraph machines to the site's board under the name "LieBabyCrybaby" since 2005. Last night, Maschke revealed LieBabyCrybaby's identity on the message board and announced that he was banned.

While Hacking's posts, which total in the thousands of words over the past three years, and which Maschke collected in a 100-plus page pdf that he provided to Gawker, do not refrain from calling Maschke "ignorant" and referring to some posters as "scum," they are generally earnest if longwinded defenses of polygraph machines.

But according to Maschke, Hacking also created multiple sockpuppet identities to pipe up with supportive comments on his own posts, including one thread between "analsphincter" and a self-professed CIA agent going by the name "LoopyLuWho" that got steamy. As "LoopyLuWho," Hacking wrote, "I just love your wit and humor!!! Are you single by any chance?" As "AnalSphincter," he replied to himself, "Loopy, I have just one question for you: What are you wearing?"

It's probably not a good idea for a DEA agent to impersonate CIA agents on message boards and create false identities. Especially one who, if the posts of Hacking's alter egos are to be believed, specializes in administering lie detector tests.

Maschke, reached via IM, declined to provide the evidence upon which he based his identification of Hacking, but said that many of the messages in question were posted from an IP address owned by the DEA and that Hacking acknowledged authorship of the posts in private messages.

Hacking, reached by telephone, said, "I have no comment on that."

[Via Cryptome; photo by Jae Yong via Flickr.]