Today we have a young starlet doing cocaine (surprise!), a little blind item triptych about two actors and a former beauty queen, and a TV star with deep dark secret.

1) "Which troubled young starlet was caught doing lines with her new bestie at a hot NYC club?" [NYDN]

2) "This aging former list television actor hasn't been on anything big in years. Back in the day he went from a hit drama straight into a hit comedy. Now he spends most of his days yelling obscenities at his neighbors dog. His neighbor is a b list actor who was the lead on a semi hit comedy. Our former a list actor is married to a former beauty queen who was on a hit television comedy." [CDaN]


3) "This TV star is apologizing, but it's not because she is really sorry. It's because she is really scared. Why would someone so powerful be worried? Because she made the mistake of crossing someone who knows the secret she has been trying to hide for years. He has threatened to reveal the secret unless she helps to fix his career. She is finding out that the sword of judgement cuts both ways. It also has the power to cut you to pieces if you use your popularity to become arrogant and destructive." [BlindGossip]