America's new revolutionary leaders are Shredded Wheat, Kodak, and Miller High Life. They're really angry about this messed up world, just like you! Hey hey, ho ho, overpriced inkjet printers have got to go!

Because people these days are mad, see, and when the people are mad, the customers are mad, and that means the companies and especially the ads have to get mad. There is no situation to which the mechanisms of capitalism cannot adapt! Corporate America is the very model of absolute moral plasticity—they agree with you, whatever you happen to be feeling! Why not have some beer with your moral indignation? Why not fly the airline and eat the cereal that really understands your populist angst? Why not allow us to replace your seething anger at things you can't change (THE WORLD, INJUSTICE, ETC.) with seething anger at something you can change:

"We're turning up the volume in relation to what our customers are feeling," said Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, chief marketing officer at the Eastman Kodak Company, which is running ads for a new line of printers and inkjet cartridges that rant about a "$5 billion stain" on the economy caused by "overpaying" for other brands of inkjet printer ink.

Ride your rebellion-spewing Harley Davidson-brand motorcycle right over to OfficeMax and pick up some Eastman Kodak brand inkjet cartridges. That'll show those fat cats! Si, se puede!