News from Cannes and from Mickey Rourke. A strange movie gets strange casting, terrible TV shows are picked up, and New York will collapse on October 16th.

Oddly named actor Cylk Cozart has signed on to direct Sandy Creek Girls, about a Nebraska high school's girls basketball team. Cozart will also play a role, alongside a cast of notable damned souls such as Brian Austin Green, Tiny Lister, Dean Cain, and the ultimate in Hollywood will-o'-the-wisps, Jonathan Lipnicki. One can only assume that they're all going to play high school girl basketball players. [Variety]

At Cannes, Sony Pictures Classics has acquired distribution rights to Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon, a creeper about a boarding school. Right now the general buying climate seems mild, with some eager to see smaller pictures by Ken Loach and Grant Heslov, but nothing big sticking out. Though it's only the third day. [Variety]

Mickey Rourke is set to star in a remake of the 1980's British crime flick Mona Lisa, possibly alongside former Bond girl Eva Green. Larry Clark, who made the disturbingly entertaining Bully a while back (as well as Kids), is attached to write and direct. Doesn't sound too high profile for the recent awards darling. But, you know, it's something. [Variety]

Oh... good? The not-so-good seeming New York, I Love You has been given a release date by Vivendi. On October 16th you can rush out to the theaters to see New York shorts directed by the likes of Natalie Portman and Brett Ratner. Terrif. [Variety]

Two new shows—the ugh-inducing Melrose Place reboot and the, um, ugh-inducing Vampire Diaries—have both been given permission to begin staffing by the CW. So it looks like they're going to air. The ghostly specter that is the Gossip Girl spinoff? Still awaiting word on whether they'll be picked up for midseason. Ouch. [THR]

Wonderful! Another show about rich, entitled little shitty teenagers. This one is called Gigantic and it's going to be on the N and it's about the children of celebrities and poor Marti Noxon, of Buffy, has co-created it. Sigh. [THR]

Oh, and Scrubs is coming back on ABC. [THR]