You know that New Yorker twit-storm Dan Baum is still blogging about? Well, Susan Orlean's here to comment on all of that, with more than 140 characters! Can I get an invisible hi-five on that!

True story, no hipster-grifter! We also have a panel including Emily Gordon of Emdashes, Troy Patterson of Slate, and Eric Easter of EbonyJet to talk about all this code-of-omerta breaking going on via Dan Baum. We can fix this!

We are also going to present "The Ten Tat Commandments" (c.f. Notorious BIG) while looking at some of the most ridiculous tattoos ever, courtesy of tat-curator Aviva Yael.

(Oh, and for those unfamiliar: I'm T.A.N. — The Assimilated Negro, for short — and I rock the mic here every Saturday afternoon. )

But for now, we toss it to French girls walking through the streets of music with text boxes over their girly parts. Woot.

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