I promised Sasha Grey last weekend, but getting handsy with this New Yorker-exposé kinda scratched the porn-itch. Plus: Sasha's theatrical release is next Friday, so we'll have her next weekend and it'll be mad timely.

Who knows what other surprises we'll have in store. Maybe George Bush will start tweeting how he really feels, and then Cheney will most definitely be in the building putting him on blast. But you know what? Even if that doesn't happen, it'll be fun, because we'll both be here. And when we get sick of each other, we can leave, and then come back... What or why am I typing right now?

Before exiting stage left, I want to remind folks where to holler if you need me. Thanks to Susan Orlean, Emily Gordon, Eric Easter, Troy Patterson, and Aviva Yael for their contributions. Support your artists! We're gonna close this puppy out with Sade Adu singing a poignant love-ode to ridiculous tattoos. At least, that's what it is now.

Sade & WTAN Present: Like A Tattoo from weekendvids on Vimeo.

Wear it like a tattoo, y'all.