In January of 2008 a disgruntled Merrill Lynch employee, outraged over his bonus, took a crap on the floor, stomped in it, and proceeded to track it around the office. Now it's apparently happened again.

Clusterstock's John Carney reported this late Friday afternoon:

Nearly one and half years after a Merrill Lynch employee defecated on the floor of a bathroom near a bond trading desk at the bank's headquarters in lower Manhattan, it looks like it may have happened again. Employees say that someone has left "a turd" in the stairwell connecting trading areas on the fifth and seventh floors.

As of this writing nothing is known about who the phantom pooper is, or what his/her motivation was, but we're confident that Merrill security will put some of that bailout money to good use to probe this matter fully and get straight to the bottom of it.

One question though—-Has anyone seen John Thain lurking around the office lately? That guy totally looks like he'd take a dump in the office!

Working in finance really is a shitshow these days, isn't it?

It's Back! The Turd War at Merrill Heats Up Again [Clusterstock]