Good news if you are a Bush administration official who authorized abuses of power after a 24 marathon: you can't be sued!

Thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts—who never met an argument for unchecked executive power that he didn't like—and the conservative 5/9ths of the court, FBI director Robert Mueller and former Attorney General John Ashcroft are safe from the frivolous lawsuit filed by a guy who was arrested for a non-violent, non-terrorism-related crime and then beaten and locked up in solitary for six months because and only because he was a Muslim, with a really Muslim-y name.

It's fun to remember that inhumane treatment of random prisoners happens right here at home, all the time. (This happened, for example, in Brooklyn—fugheddaboudit!) It is also fun to remember that John Roberts, who'll be the Chief Justice for another half-century or so, is an asshole. Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion, yes, but he is a befuddled 72-year-old who decides whether to side with Scalia or Stevens based on which one brought him better candy that day.