Morley Safer's 60 Minutes sitdown with Vogue editrix Anna Wintour was pretty soft. But there were some striking images of the fashion industry. Luxe and stridently over-the-top, even as it peers into a black abyss.

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Yes, fashion is in deep dark trouble, as The Atlantic observes this month. They even dig up a delicious F. Scott Fitzgerald quote about cocktail party revelers in Great Depression-era New York. It sounds eerily familiar to what we saw last night:

A last hollow survival of the days of carnival [in which] a few childish wraiths still played to keep up the pretense that they were alive, betraying by their feverish voices and hectic cheeks the thinness of the masquerade.

Yes, these doyennes and dandies of Fashion may have appeared snootily unaware of their own cratering last night, but perhaps those expressions have since changed. What with this morning's news and all.

"What are you doing all the way over there?"

Wintour lovingly reenacts dinner table scene from Jaws.

Paul Reubens thinks fashion is wearable art.

Jeanne Tripplehorn and Joel Grey star in Wintour biopic.

We warned you not to go into room 237, Anna.

Andre Leon Talley's alley.

"Around noon I like to walk around the office with bird seed so the girls get some lunch."

"Morley darling, could you bend over and get that oilcan over there? I seem to be stuck."

Harve Presnell really not sure just what the goddamned hell he's doing here.

Postcards from the Wedge Heel.

"No. Dance sexy."

"My famous gyrodirigible can travel seventeen hectares on one jug of hippopotamus laughs."

"Wait... I don't see any fucking sailboat."

"They rub my head for good luck. And to warm up the circuitry."

Andre Leon Talley pretty sure his new "O, bam!" catchphrase will catch on.

"The inseam on those trousers is all wrong. But, just to be sure, why don't you come a bit closer?"

Vogue employee suddenly realizes he's gonna lose his job no matter what he does.

"Hm. He is, isn't he?"