In March we told you about "Invoiceworks," Viacom's Kafkaesque new system for paying (or not!) its freelancers. How bad is it? We present to you, "22 Invoice Rejections at Once":

Our tipster sends this photo of "Invoice Rejection Letters" sent by MTV, saying 22 submitted invoices were not accepted (which can happen for reasons ranging from blurry printing to allegedly bad P.O. boxes to, oh, anything):

These pictures illustrate 22 - Yeah....twenty fucking two - of these such letters sent out for each invoice they decided they didn't want. THESE ALL CAME IN THE MAIL. TODAY. AT ONCE.

These invoices being rejected are from FEBRUARY!! In this case, it was for lacking a number (called a VIN) they didn't even start insisting be on invoices until APRIL.

Congratulations to Viacom on its cost-cutting efficiency.