TV upfronts are happening across the land, and there were some surprises. Some shows were canceled, others renewed. The circle of life, of sowing and reaping, continues.

Though Christina Applegate was an Emmy nominee for her manic performance on Samantha Who?, and many expected it to be renewed for a third season, ABC has decided instead to cancel it. The producers couldn't find an adequate way to slash the budge, so alas no more. Bad news for the likable Applegate and her costars Jennifer Esposito and Jean Smart. Though, let's be honest, it was never very good. [Variety]

Fox had their upfronts this mornin', and yes, dear friends, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canceled. (We may actually be bummed about this, which is sad.) But Dollhouse is back on a way lower budget, and Fringe has been pushed into the tres competitive Thursday 9pm slot. Godspeed to it. And, last but not least, there is Glee on Wednesdays at 9pm. Everyone watch Glee! It looks really good! And apparently it is good! So watch the premiere after Idol this week, then watch again in the fall. Please. Do it for us. [THR]

CBS meanwhile has picked up a doomsday lineup of new shows, including the second Jullianna Margulies lawyer drama in two years, The Good Wife, a Jenna Elfman sitcom, and the always-a-sure-bet NCIS spinoff starring the not-always-a-sure-bet Chris O'Donnell and the used-to-be-a-sure-bet LL Cool J. [Variety]

In the world of movies, Milla Jovovich no longer has to kill zombies with her magic guns. No, instead she has to bone Bob DeNiro to get Edward Norton, her arsonist husband, out of prison in the thriller Stone. Sounds crazy extreeeeme! [Variety]

Speaking of extreme, the revisionist history novel Resistance, about a WWII in which the Nazis take Russia and D-Day has failed, will be made into a movie. Which reminds us that we want to read that book. Thanks, movies! [THR]