Gawker and a sponsor, Starz original comedies Party Down and Head Case (Fridays, starting at 10pm), are throwing a party on our roof. And if you're a starred commenter, we'd like you to join us.

Yes because it's, you know, Starz, we decided to treat you lucky commenters who have gold, um, stars next your names to an evening of getting drunk on a roof and being marketed to. It's our inaugural roof party of the season, and it's gonna be fun! For example, there will be a special guest shrink on hand to analyze guests (in the spirit of Head Case—synergy!)

We can only have so many people on the roof at once or else the ceiling collapses and we all die, so we have to limit the party to 100 folks (and their +1's). So if you are a starred commenter, log in to you account and you ought to see a special banner below with the RSVP details. First 100 folks get the secret password (there is no secret password).

Important Details:
Starz Presents Gawker Parties Down
Gawker HQ Roof Deck
Thursday, May 21st
RSVP to the address in the banner below (but you need to have a star to see it!)

Hope to see you there!