Well here's a sort of amazing story—-Fox News' Greta Van Susteren recently saved the life of Wonkette founding editor Ana Marie Cox on a train!

Apparently the lovely Ana Marie was enjoying a nice lentil salad on a New York to Washington D.C. Amtrak train when suddenly she felt her throat begin to tighten in an "indescribably terrifying" way. That's when Greta, who was sitting nearby with her husband, the recently thrown under the bus by Sarah Palin John Coale, noticed the flame-haired blogger in distress and sprang into action.

"She was like 'I think I know what is happening to you. Don't worry about it. We're going to get you a Benadryl,' " Cox remembered a calming Van Susteren saying. A food allergy sufferer herself, Greta was ready with a backup plan: She carries an EpiPen epinephrine shot for her own emergencies. "If she hadn't been there, I don't know what would have happened. It would have been a thousand times worse," says Cox.

Well lookie there! A Fox News personality coming to the rescue of an evil liberal blogger person! (He wipes away a tear) Isn't that a touching little yarn? And why does it not come as a surprise that Greta carries an EpiPen?

We emailed Ana Marie earlier to request a comment on this, hoping for some sort of tie-in to her well-documented love for ass-fucking like, "Thanks to Greta, I live to be sodomized another day!" but we didn't hear back from her. Oh well.

Be careful out there Ana Marie. Don't fuck around with this and go see a damn doctor! And watch out for those dang Amtrak lentil salads!

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