Abduwali Abdukhadir Muse, the surviving teenage Somali pirate, was back in court yesterday, making the best of his unplanned NYC visit. So far his main contribution has been to stimulate New York Post headline writers:


Take a moment to appreciate the double entendres-squared at work here. Abduwali's young. He's a buccaneer. Young Buc is a rapper. A rap is also a criminal charge. It's a complete circle of subtext in four short—but meaningful—words.

A worthy follow-up to the last story about Abduwali crying, which used the now-classic term "PRIVA-TEARS." Now if only Andrea Peyser could just find some way to get Andrea Peyser to break into Abduwali's cell and scream at him about how he'll never see his mother again, and then laugh maniacally, and then write about it, leaving out the maniacal laughing, the Post would totally win this BUC WILD story.