In LA they have lots of gangs. How to determine if a child will grow up to be a vicious gangbanger? The city—with scientific help—has developed a test! Find out your future, below:

I think I took the same test when I applied to work at McDonald's! Trained sociologists are able to interpret the answers to these questions, particularly question 70, and determine if a kid might one day want to rob a sociologist in the street. And in case you're worried about stigmatizing these 10-15 year-old kids, have no fear:

In order to avoid stigmatizing children with the label of potential criminal, Dr. Klein says test takers aren't told that the questions are intended to screen for future gang involvement

Wouldn't failing the test be, you know, a surefire guarantee that a child will be stigmatized with the label of potential criminal? I don't know, I'm no sociologist.
[WSJ. Pic via]