In your warming Wednesday media column: Steve Forbes is in your pocket, insulting your bosses in your competitor's paper may damage your career, somebody fucking finally does not write an Obama book, and much more!:

Who says that financial media Iphone apps cannot be "fun"? "There's even something called 'the Daily Steve,' a feature Forbes developed with the 'shake function' that uses the iPhone's accelerometer to generate a random quote from Mr. Forbes himself." Put in a secret code to hear the racist ones!

Remember how much you love contextual advertising on the internet? Well now that sort of thing is coming to TV, also! Happy day.

After Hearst threatened to close the money-incinerator that is the San Francisco Chronicle, Chronicle staff writer Delfin Vigil took out an ad in a rival paper excoriating the corporate drones at Hearst as un-American assholes. Now Vigil has been laid off. Heroic and all, but dude, your paper's been losing a million bucks a week. That's un-American.

Good news: American consumers are now even less satisfied with newspapers than they are with airlines or the US Postal Service! Excuse me, that's bad news. Bad.

Matt Bai becomes the first campaign reporter to voluntarily not write a book about Obama. Cheers to you, sir. It would have been a thorough waste of time.