The reason Eliot Spitzer was a terrible governor was not because he liked hookers. It was because he was an asshole who was unable to get along with anyone. This hasn't changed.

See, the state inspector general, a chap named Joseph Fisch, went up to Eliot's office to ask him some questions about some boring investigation into something unethical Spitzer did, back when he was governor. This interview took place "late last year," and it took place in Spitzer's office instead of the IG's office because Spitzer was convinced the media were stalking him. Mr. Fisch pointed out that he didn't see any reporters, and that office security hadn't seen any in weeks. This was apparently the wrong way to start the interview!

"In fact," Mr. Spitzer replied, "last Friday, there were photographers outside my residence; they followed me and my wife and my children; they are constantly inquiring of where I am and my whereabouts; and it is a presumption of people who are interested in my security that there is surveillance," he said, "as there has been by individuals, paid for by individuals, corporations, law enforcement and others who have acted properly and improperly in an effort to intercept conversations of mine and other communications."

Spitzer then spent the rest of the interview ranting about Paterson every time Fisch tried to ask a question and then berating Fisch for wasting his time and not asking any questions.

Also the whole thing was the fault of comical GOP dirty tricks specialist Roger Stone.

"This whole thing has been nothing more than the creation of clever P.R. by, we now know, Roger Stone and others, to gin this up and get the press to create hysteria, which the Ethics Commission then felt compelled to respond to," he added.

So there you have it: Eliot Spitzer: still an asshole.