Today, writer of trend stories about quirky and often annoying men Spencer Morgan found He-Man chilling on a park bench and totally interviewed him:

Mike Nelson is the big dude who's the subject of the stalker blog. But the joke is it's not that hard to find Mike really cause he spends a lot of time in Madison Square Park, sunning the guns and the lats and the chest and the other important He-Man parts. He lost one eye in a fight with cops and used to be a druggie but cleaned up. Now he doesn't do acid or coke or heroin or rob cemeteries for skulls any more; he just lives with his girl and works out and hangs out and basically goes with the flow:

"I took care of rabbits as a kid," Mr. Nelson recalled. Big smile. "So it taught me how to be a little more affectionate as I got older."

Not surprisingly, this exhibitionist ex-junkie bodybuilder who could go down on women "all day" is one of the least annoying people Spencer Morgan has profiled in the past year.